Changelog of RoyalSlider jQuery Version

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9.5.9 31 Mar 2018

  • Only JS file updated, CSS is not changed.
  • Fixed dragging on iOS 11.3 - the page scroll is not locked while you drag the slider.
  • Style touch-action:pan-y is automatically added for horizontal galleries.
  • The slider now disables passive event listeners for touchmove and touchend events.

9.5.8 21 Mar 2017

  • Fixed a bug in video module that could prevent from showing specific YouTube urls.

9.5.7a 22 Sep 2015

9.5.7 25 Feb 2015

  • Keyboard navigation of slider is automatically blocked if a user is focused in input, or textarea, or select element.
  • Updated default YouTube and Vimeo URL to https.
  • Options imageScaleMode and imageAlignCenter can be functions (to allow dynamic changing of scaling for different slides).
  • Option keyboardNavEnabled can be changed dynamically.

9.5.6 17 Sep 2014

  • Fix: vertical transition glitch in Firefox when CSS3 animation is disabled or video is present.
  • Fix: Mac Safari, error sound triggers when any keyboard key is pressed in fullscreen.

9.5.5 2 Jul 2014

  • Fix: positioning of thumbnails when their total size is less than size of viewport, and when size of viewport and thumbnails is changing dynamically, and when auto-center is disabled.
  • Fix: option sliderTouch:false does not function properly when sliderDrag:true.

9.5.4 23 Apr 2014

  • Feature: native fullscreen support for mobile Chrome on Android, check this page on your Android device.

9.5.3 28 Jan 2014

  • Fix: size of thumbnails scroll distance per click on thumbnails arrow was calculated just based on thumbnailsSpacing, ignoring firstMargin.

9.5.1 30 Oct 2013

  • Fixed issue that could block the thumbnails navigation in IE11 (11.0.9600 preview). The reason for this is that MSPointerDown event just stopped firing, read more about this on IE bugtracker.
  • rsSlideClick slider event now has second parameter, which is original `click` event.
  • Fixed issue: vertical thumbnails with enabled autoHeight option might cause incorrect position of thumbnails scroller.
  • Performance optimizations of thumbnails scroller.

9.5.0 30 Aug 2013

  • Allow swiping/dragging through multiple slides at once if swipe distance is larger than width of one slide.

9.4.99 10 Aug 2013

  • Fixed iOS bug: tap event might fire twice on thumbnails if it was near the edge of the moving thumbnail.

9.4.97 14 Jun 2013

  • Switched from Color-box to Magnific Popup in Slider in lightbox example.
  • Fixed bug in Andoid 4.0.x, that could block the touch navigation after vertical scroll.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect behavior of deeplinking when there are two or more sliders on page.
  • Fixed tiny thumbs sliding issue.
  • Slider now gets rsVideoPlaying CSS class when video is playing.

9.4.9 3 Apr 2013

  • Minor optimizations. Fixed "strict mode" warnings in some modules.

9.4.8 16 Mar 2013

  • Fixed bug that could prevent incorrect fade animations on Chrome 25 on Android.
  • Fixed bug that could prevent opening fullscreen on Chrome 25 on Android.
  • Fixed issue that could cause wrong position of animated blocks in IE when moving very fast.
  • Good news: webkit team has fixed the bug that could cause incorrect behavior of image loading with hardware acceleration. Now you can use progressive image loading technique safely.

9.4.1 30 Jan 2013

  • Improved accessibility - devices with touch and mouse support at once now handled more correctly.
  • Each slider event that is binded to document or window (like keyboard or hash change events) now has unique namespace. This change is made to allow destroying events of just specific slider on page. Before namespace was just .rs, now it's changed to .rs4, where 4 is uid of slider. You can get namespace via sliderInstance.ns, slider uid via sliderInstance.uid. For example, now to unbind keydown event:
    $(document).off('keydown' + $('#your-slider').data('royalSlider').ns);
  • Fixed issue that could cause autoPlay keep playing when user is switched to different tab.

9.4.0 25 Jan 2013

  • Video: Playback is now stopped in rsAfterSlideChange event to avoid lag.
  • Video: Fixed bug that could cause appearing of arrows with autoHide when video is playing.
  • Deeplinking: History state is now replaced instead of pushing to avoid filling the history.
  • You can now link to your build in online build tool, e.g.:, url is appended at the beginning of generated JS file.
  • Added jQuery 1.9.0 support. Note that there is currently bug in jQuery core that causes incorrect order of elements in IE7, so I recommend using 1.8.3 for now and wait for 1.9.1 update. More info about bug -

9.3.5 21 Dec 2012

  • Added full touch support for IE10. RoyalSlider is currently the only one public gallery/slideshow that supports it. I tested it on new Lumia and Surface, but if you'll find any bugs - please report them.
  • Fixed bug that could cause "double" fading of loaded slide.


  • Added an option that allows loading of images in more natural way. Read more in this article.
  • Added ability to put multiple `rsImg` images inside one slide, which allows you creating carousels with lazy-loaded images. (multiple videos in one slide aren't supported yet).
  • Added visible-nearby JS module that allows creating sliders with visible nearby images without CSS hacks. Requires update of JS and royalslider.css file. Learn more
  • Added third, alternative image markup in cases when you unable to use anchor tag and you need lazy-loading. Learn more.
  • Added usePreloader option.
  • Fixed bug that caused stopping transition when clicking on slide.
  • Fixed bug that caused transition of thumbnails container at slider initialization.
  • Fixed bug when startSlideId is incorrect.
  • API: you can now access slider instance from ``.
  • Video module: lightened Vimeo and YouTube regex.
  • Deeplinking: default change timeout reduced from 750 to 400ms.
  • Optimized auto-height module.
  • Optimized and reworked setItemHTML function.


  • Fixed issues with destroy() method that could cause slight memory leak.
  • Deeplinking module: hashchange event is now removed every time when destroy() is called.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to removeSlide and currSlideId property.
  • Slight code optimizations.


  • Fullscreen module update: slider now respects window scroll.


  • Improved keyboard navigation. Now it's not blocked during animation and still navigates to next slide when arrow key is hold.


  • Fixed appendSlide and removeSlide bugs with fade transition.


  • Fixed issue with toggleAutoPlay public function
  • Added wmode=transparent to default YouTube video embed code, that caused hidden close button on some specific version of Flash.
  • Fixed YouTube HTML5 video ie9 bug.


  • Added slides option that allows creating of slider from string, not attached to DOM. More info.
  • Fixed Firefox animated block bug, that made blocks appear instantly without animation (sometimes...).
  • Added rsOnDestroyVideoElement to video module


  • Added appendSlide and removeSlide public methods. Finally you can dynamically add or remove items. More info in private knowledge base.
  • Bullets navigation are now provided as a module (as thumbnails and tabs).
  • Added rsOnAppendSlide and rsOnRemoveSlide events.
  • Added dynamic slides adding capability to thumbnails and tabs modules.


  • Added toggleAutoplay public function.
  • Added thumbnails options: arrowLeft and arrowRight. They allow overriding of default thumbnails navigation arrows. More info in docs.


  • Added minSlideOffset option to core - minimum distance in pixels to show next slide after dragging.
  • Fixed YouTube video playback in Firefox, on second slide.
  • Now arrows with auto-hide show on hover of wrapper with images only (not control nav). Depends on controlsInside option.


  • Fixed links with custom mouse events inside slider.
  • Added rsSlideClick event, triggers after click/tap on slide.


  • Fixed autoPlay with video playback issue.


  • Added event that fires when slide content is loaded and added, more info in API section.
  • Auto height module: fixed sizing when there is rsImg in first slide, read more about autoHeight in options table.


  • Added two more templates, slider in MacBook and gallery with deep linking and thumbs grid.
  • Added deep linking module.
  • Changed remove() to detach() to allow bindning events on elements inside slide.
  • Since now all elements that have absolute position inside slide must have -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden CSS property to prevent disappearing during transition. This bug appeared in Google Chrome 21. They probably will fix it, but who knows when. Core CSS file changed royalslider.css:
    • Fixed play button disappearing that appeared Google Chrome 21.
    • Added rsAbsoluteEl CSS class that you should add to all elements inside slide that have absolute position (no need to add it to animated block).
  • Fixed mobile Safari opacity inheritance bug that caused slight jump-back to background color during fade transition.
  • Fixed fadeinLoadedSlide option, that sometimes faded-in nearby slides instead of only current.
  • Fixed "jumpy" fade transition when moving back and forth fast (it still jumps a little, but much less significant).


  • Added destroy public method, that removes slider and unbinds all events.
  • Added rsBeforeDestroy event.
  • Method setItemHTML is now public to allow overriding it.


    Video module update to 1.0.1
    • Added rsOnCreateVideoElement event, read more.
    • Fixed Vimeo video playback in Firefox. CSS3 transitions on Firefox are disabled when Vimeo video is used.


  • Added slides and slidesJQ public variables, that contain info about slides.
  • Fixed dragging issue when moving too fast.
  • Fixed autoplay looping, when slider loop is disabled.
  • Fixed slide disappearing when loop enabled and low number of slides.
  • Fixed auto play when video is played and pauseOnOhover is enabled.
  • Added allowCSS option (allowCSS3OnWebkit is kept).
  • Changed default autoplay delay to 2000.
  • Updated documentation, mostly API section.

Changes of versions below 9.0 can be found on CodeCanyon.