General questions

  • What do I get after purchase?

    • Access to script build tool (screenshot).
    • Unminified slider JS source. Check out code review by DailyJS if you have questions about quality.
    • All examples from this website.
    • PSD files of all skins.
    • Organized and commented CSS of skins
    • Documentation with explained options, tips and slider API examples.
    • Access to private forum and knowledge base with slider-related articles.
    • Lifetime support.
    • Free updates.
    • CodeCanyon license to use slider on one website.
    • And, of course, if you buy WordPress plugin you get it too.
  • Where can I find all slider features?

    Features of jQuery script are on homepage of slider, features of WordPress plugin can be found on WordPress version page.

  • Can I use multiple different sliders on one page?

    Yes, you can add as many sliders as you need to one page, with different skins, options etc.

  • Can I autoplay video when page loads?

    No, and there won't be such option. Playing video without user action is not very good practice, that's why it's not present in my plugins. However, you may use slider JavaScript API to implement this feature by yourself.

  • Do I have to pay for updates?

    No, you can get all updates of RoyalSlider completely for free.

WordPress version questions

  • Will RoyalSlider plugin work with my theme?

    RoyalSlider is built in best practises of WordPress plugins and works with absolutely any theme.

  • Will RoyalSlider slow down my website?

    Absolutely not, RoyalSlider caches all sliders using WordPress Transients API.

  • My plugin is not installing

    Make sure that you unzipped archive that you downloaded from CodeCanyon, inside you'll find readme file.

Licensing questions

  • Can I use slider in my product for resale (theme, CMS, web app ...)?

    Contact me with detailed explanation of your project and where you want to use slider. If I agree with the way how the product will be redistributed and how it looks like - I will provide written permission.

  • Can I use slider on more than one website?

    For each website new regular license should be bought. Read more about regular license on CodeCanyon.

  • Does "Extended license" allow unlimited usage?

    No, it's still for single end product, please refer to Envato licensing FAQ.