Touchfolio Theme Documentation

Touchfolio theme installs to WordPress like any other theme. Video below shows how to install and use this theme

Styling theme

Theme CSS file is generated automatically by wp-less plugin (shipped with Touchfolio). Main less css file is style-touchfolio-default.less. It's located in root folder of theme (wp-content/themes/touchfolio/). CSS is compiled (and cached) automatically by server when changes happen in main less file, or when WP_DEBUG is enabled.

General styles, like font colors, font sizes, margins, logo position can be changed in main less file (you don't need to edit anything else).

To edit theme styles and remain theme updatable you need:

  1. Make a copy and rename style-touchfolio-default.less file.
  2. Go to Touchfolio options page and in general settings enter name of your file in "Skin File" input field. View screenshot.

If you don't want to use WP-LESS CSS for some reason, you need to copy compiled CSS from live website and paste it in style.css. Then go to functions.php and change USE_LESS_CSS variable to false - define( 'USE_LESS_CSS', false );.

This page is under development and will be updated soon with more detailed description.


How to reorder projects?

Use post types order plugin.

How to add YouTube/Vimeo video to slides?

Add an image, then click on it and enter in video url input url to page with YouTube or Vimeo video (for example or

How to add multiple gallery pages grouped by category (for example Web and Print)?

Watch installation video closely from 5:25 min.