Changelog of RoyalSlider WordPress Plugin

To update the plugin automatically, enter its purchase code on Settings page (available since v3.2.1).
To update manually please follow the instructions below:

  1. Backup the data (optional).
  2. Go to CodeCanyon "Downloads" and download RoyalSlider plugin.
  3. Unzip the archive that you downloaded.
  4. Inside you'll find another archive called, unzip it too.
  5. With help of any FTP client (for example FileZilla) replace old files on your server in folder wp-content/plugins/new-royalslider with contents of
    Alternatively, you can rename old new-royalslider plugin folder, then upload updated one, and delete renamed after you make sure that everything works correctly.
  6. That's it, the data will not be lost after such update. Data is removed only when you uninstall the plugin from admin.

3.4.1 - 17 Aug 2020

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.5, minor admin styling issues.
  • Fixed a warning that could appear during or while checking for an update.

3.4.0 - 21 Jan 2020

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.3.
  • Fixed JS initialization issue when used with Gutenberg and scripts are loaded asynchronously.
  • Fixed fullscreen mode issue with Twentytwenty theme.

3.3.9 - 8 Dec 2018

  • Added full compatibility with WordPress 5.0 - fixed bugs and improved new WordPress editor support.

3.3.8 - 3 Dec 2018

  • Added basic Gutenberg support.
  • Fixed bug in admin area - text fields in media modal were not focusable when opened from "Add New Slide" dialog.
  • Minor CSS optimizations and improvements.

3.3.7 - 17 Aug 2018

  • Updated default YouTube and Vimeo embed code.
  • Dropped 500px and Instagram support, due to the deprecation of their API.
  • Added filter new_rs_slide_html, which allows filtering HTML content of each slide individually.
  • Added filter new_rs_options, which allows filtering options for specific slider.

3.3.6 - 31 Mar 2018

  • Updated JavaScript file. Fixed dragging on iOS 11.3 - the page scroll is not locked while you drag the slider. Improved touch functionality and added support for passive event listeners.

3.3.5 - 21 Mar 2017

  • Added new_rs_slides_output_after_start filter that allows developers to add slides before the first one (in addition to new_rs_slides_output_before_end that allows to add slides after the last one).
  • The [gallery] shortcode now supports third-party solutions that override WordPress media library functionality (for example Enhanced Media Library plugin allows to add categories or tags to images and then create gallery based on them).
  • Fixed a bug in video module that could prevent from showing specific YouTube urls.

3.3.4 - 19 Jan 2017

  • Compability with NextGen v2.1.62.
  • Added new_royalslider_image_tab_after_inputs filter that allows developers to add instructions or more inputs for "Image" tab of custom slider.
  • Fixed minor styling issues in admin related to WordPress 4.7.1.

3.3.3 - 21 Aug 2016

  • Updated RoyalSlider JS file with minor performance improvements.
  • Improved sanitizing of Instagram data to make sure that special characters like emoji are rendered correctly.
  • Minor fixes in an admin area for the recent WordPress version.

3.3.2 - 15 Mar 2016

  • Fix: method custom_footer_scripts is now static (fixes deprecated notice when using with PHP7 or latest version of WordPress).

3.3.1 - 20 Jan 2016

  • Fixed notice in admin when using with PHP7 and the new version of WordPress.
  • Changed default authentication scope for Instagram API. In case you're using Instagram gallery, please read this notice.
  • Updated default YouTube and Vimeo URL to https.
  • Minor UI fixes.

3.3.0 - 20 Oct 2015

  • Changed media uploader for "custom" slider.
  • Improved slide animation performance on iOS9 for large images.
  • Added action new_rs_before_js_init_code, that allows to insert additional JS code before slider is initialized.

3.2.9 - 22 Sep 2015

  • Fixed iOS9 Safari image disappearing during transition in some cases (just royalslider.css changed).

3.2.8 - 19 Aug 2015

  • Fixed issue that could cause PHP notice to appear when using with WordPress 4.3 and when WP_DEBUG is enabled.

3.2.7 - 7 Aug 2015

  • WordPress 4.2.4 compability.
  • Added new_rs_instagram_title_text filter that allows to parse output of Instagram title (for example to remove tags).
  • Changes of admin area: minor improvements in embedding & editing slider, security update – fixed possible reflected cross-site scripting issue.

3.2.6 - 6 May 2015

  • Updated YouTube API to v3.0, as old version is deprecated. You now need to enter YouTube API key on RoyalSlider Settings page if you want slider to fetch cover image, title and description. This change does not affect existing slides with video.
  • Added an option to Video section that allows to choose YouTube image quality (standard or max resolution).

3.2.5 - 23 April 2015

  • Security update, fixed add_query_arg usage. More about this in Sucuri or Yoast blog.
  • Fixed minor ui glitches in admin area related the new version of jQuery UI in WordPress.

3.2.4 - 1 March 2015

  • RoyalSlider.js update to v9.5.7.
  • Keyboard navigation of slider is automatically blocked if a user is focused in input, or textarea, or select element.
  • A few bug fixes in UI of admin area for the latest version of WordPress.

3.2.3 - 16 Oct 2014

  • RoyalSlider.js update to v9.5.6.
  • Fix: Instagram gallery may not display correctly on some servers that don't decode special characters properly.
  • On https sites, YouTube or Vimeo video may not always display correctly.
  • A few minor bug fixes in admin area.

3.2.2 - 9 May 2014

3.2.1 - 7 May 2014

  • Automatic plugin updates (thorugh admin area, without replacing files via FTP), purchase code is required.

3.2.0 - 17 Apr 2014

  • Added native HTMl5 fullscreen support for mobile Chrome on Android.
  • Fix: styling of WordPress 3.9 dialog in admin area.
  • Fix: slide title might appear in slide if no navigation is selected.
  • Fix: styling of bullets of default skins might be wrong with some themes that forcee box-sizing.

3.1.91 - 18 Mar 2014

  • Fixed compability with the latest JetPack plugin (slider admin area stops working in some cases).
  • Function wp_remote_get is used instead of file_get_contents when fetching content from Instagram (could cause problems on some servers).

3.1.9 - 08 Jan 2014

  • A few minor styling changes in admin area of plugin to fit WordPress 3.8 design.

3.1.8 - 18 Dec 2013

  • Increate default Instagram images limit to 250.

3.1.7 - 10 Dec 2013

  • Refreshed icon in admin area for upcoming WordPress 3.8 dark theme.
  • Fix: Instagram gallery isn't displayed correctly when description contains specific characters.
  • Fix: NextGEN 2.0.4 support (caching bug fix).
  • Fix: new_rs_image_sizes filter that allows to modify size of images didn't work correctly in some cases.

3.1.6 - 18 Nov 2013

  • Instagram support - display feed from any user or tag.
  • NextGEN (2.0+, 1.x) support - override NextGEN galleries with RoyalSlider. For NextGEN 2.0 it creates a "display type".
  • IE11 navigation bug fix.
  • One more slider template that shows 2 items at once.
  • Performance optimizations.

3.1.4 - 2 Sept 2013

  • You can now drag/swipe through multiple slides at once if swipe distance is larger than width of one slide. This allows you to create carousel-like layouts with help of "nearby slides" feature.
  • Bug fix: Height of horizontal thumbnails can be set incorrectly in some cases.

3.1.3 - 9 Aug 2013

  • Fixed Mustache_Autoloader error, that might appear with some plugins and WP 3.6.
  • Fixed admin layout issue, that might appear when your theme enqueues jquery-ui-dialog globaly.

3.1.1 - 7 Aug 2013

  • Fixed PHP strict warning that might appear in WP 3.6 with some versions of PHP.

3.1.0 - 8 Jun 2013

  • Fixed styling issue in backend for WP 3.6 beta.
  • Minor performance improvements for posts slider.

3.0.8 - 3.0.95 - 22 Apr 2013

  • Added full support for WordPress 3.6 (currently beta).
  • Added new_rs_image_sizes filter that allows you to define custom WordPress image size (for thumbnail, main image, and large image). Learn more.
  • Fixed issue that could cause unresponsive thumbnails and inability to swipe after the first slide, on desktop Safari 5.x.
  • Minor fixes and improvements in ui and performance.

3.0.5 - 3.0.8 - 2 Feb 2013

  • Added support for jQuery 1.9.0 (that will be required for WordPress 3.6).
  • Added an option that can autohide caption when video is playing.
  • Fixed bug that could cause appearing of navigation arrows when video is playing.
  • Fixed bug that could break slider admin page when more then 10000 taxonomy terms are used.
  • Fixed bug that could prevent width of slider "in laptop".
  • There is now an option in Global Settings that enable overriding of all default WordPress galleries without adding royalslider="" attribute.
  • Fixed incorrect default value in "Navigate by center click" option.
  • Minor admin area UI improvements and bug fixes.

3.0.3 - 22 Dec 2012

  • Added IE10 touch support (Lumia, Surface). RoyalSlider is currently the only slider plugin that supports it.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent selecting of some templates.
  • Fixed issue that could cause disappearing of block editor contents.
  • Added tags and categories variables to Posts slider that return comma separated tags/categories for current post
  • Added new_royalslider_custom_gen_description filter.
  • Minor UI bug fixes.

3.0.2 - 17 Dec 2012

  • Added simpler way to add full-slide link.
  • Fixed issue that could cause broken Posts slider when categories selected.
  • Left, right, top values in block editor now respect percents when you reopen window.


  • Fixed warning that might appear when deleting/removing sliders.
  • Fixed bug that could cause broken widgets page.